Need a Team?

​​The Southern Colorado Basketball League (SoCo), as of now, does not place individual kids on teams or put teams together. However, if you are looking to join a team, we do have a few options:

1) You can put your own team together through your school, friends, or a team that you already play

2) You can post information about the fact that your son/daughter is looking to join a SoCo team on
the SoCo Bulletin Board. Here is step by step instructions regarding the SoCo bulletin board:
a. Go to
SoCo’s bulletin board page
b. Enter the password to access the site: socohoops
c. Create your own profile (user name and password) by clicking “register” on the top right
hand corner of the page. Please note that the password you create is completely separate
from the socohoops password needed to access the site.
d. Create a new post by clicking “new topic” on the right hand side of the page
e. Enter general information about your son or daughter

3) Post information about your son/daughter on the SoCo facebook page. To do this, you must
become a “fan” of the SoCo Facebook page. You can post information that you have a player looking for a team. Click the Like button below to go to our website. 

4) Always keep in mind that it is best to find players of the same grade level, same school, that are
from the same geographical area. This is important for many reasons. We suggest having your
son/daughter talk to friends at school, church, or from the same area with hopes of generating
interest to form a team.

5) Athletes may want to ask their school coaches or PE teachers for assistance in finding a team. These
people may already know of a team or may have heard that a team is forming.

6) Start a team yourself! Dozens and dozens of teams have started with ONE motivated parent or
coach, a little bit of drive, some stick-to-itiveness, and networking. Some of our greatest success
stories have had these roots.